4 Practical Tips for Becoming a Good Article Writer

Who is an Article Writer?

Do you ever wonder who writers your favorite columns or blogs? We often forget that it takes human effort to place together different stories that appear in a magazine. It is the work of an article writer to keep you entertained each week.

An article writer publishes a different series of an article that appears in a magazine. It is not an easy job, especially with the high demand for quality. Your audience demands good quality every week. Sometimes it can be hard to keep up with the pressures. Furthermore, you are tasked with attracting a specific audience to the magazine.

How you keep your audience motivated and inspired each time with your writing? It calls for high-quality writing skills for a writer. Article writing is a gradual process with the writer getting better with each piece published. Some of the famous columnists today started from scratch with a small audience. You must ensure you grow with your masses.

How Much Does an Article Writer Make?

The nature of an article writer’s salary is dependent on their experience and audience. When you build following large over time, you can dictate your earnings. Furthermore, the magazine will be at a loss if you moved away with your audience. Therefore, it is wise to countercheck your contract before signing up.

As a rookie, you will not earn much. However, each dime you receive should act as an incentive to create more engaging content. It is essential to ensure you keep with your audience throughout your growth process. Your audience will dictate your longevity in the writing industry.

Practical Tips for Students

Here is a compilation of expert tips you need to help grow your writing culture as a beginner in the industry.

Learn from the Best

It would help if you modeled your article based on accomplished writers in your field. It is essential to read pieces of expert writers to get a sense of their flow. Ensure you set some time apart to focus on reading from other writers. You can spark your imagination from these pieces while proceeding in creating your content.


It would help if you were willing to start practicing your writing skills at the amateur level. The more you write, the more you grow your style. You become aware of common mistakes that pass your naked eyes. Furthermore, you become better suited to make changes to your article to show your quality. Make it a habit to write a lot as it nurtures your writing prowess. 

Putting Down Ideas

You need to know precisely what you are writing about. Before starting the writing process, you need to plan for it. Some techniques you can use during this phase includes:

  • Researching
  • Creating an outline
  • Fact-checking
  • Checking sources

All these activities help in making your writing process more comfortable. Furthermore, it helps in ensuring you do not run into writer’s block. Developing ideas at an early stage helps in improving the overall flow of your article. Ensure you consult your editor before making the final changes. 

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